Debut 2013

Debut 2013 project mentored by Bryony Shanahan from Snuff Box Theatre and by Jesse Briton from Bear Trap Theatre.
Writing mentored by April De Angelis
Concept by Uri Roodner

In 2013 we have launched a new link between the Debut project and the King's Head Theatre and established the annual Stella Wilkie Award. A team from the King's Head view the Debut plays and select a winner and a runner up. These will be re-staged at the King's Head, who would also join as a co-producer for further, post-training, stagings.

Company and Production Team
Check out the 2013 Company and Production Team.

2013 Debut Festival Plays

Poster Americo

A story of a quest shaped by immigration, people, meetings and an old man with beautiful shoes. Told at the East15 café.

Special thanks to Colin Sadler and Zois Pigadas.

Written by: 
Directed by: 

Jesse Briton

Babita Poster

(little girl, stranger)…

Written by: 
Directed by: 

Naomi McMorran as Tilly
Jake Flowers as Tai
Catalina Oana Mihai as Anja
Alexandra Wolfe as Charlotte
Matthew Wingrave as Stephen
Benjamin Coulter as Tom
Agnes Wild as Bea
Olivia Hirst as Chief Crow

Poster Bunco

It's a confidence game, but who's cheating?

Written by: 
Directed by: 
Amy Job

Yasmin Zadeh as Annabell
Adam Colborne as Sebastian
Alessandro Marchese as Silvio
Catalina Oana Mihai as Phoebe
Benjamin Coulter as Adam
Alexandra Wolfe as Helen
Jake Flowers as Andrew
Nathalie Wain as Natalie
Joseph Barnes-Phillips as Ben
Georgia Bliss as Rosalyn
Marie Dinculescu as Cleaner 1
Olivia Hirst as Cleaner 2

Poster for Bygone

Bygone follows the mundane lives of Tynan and Brandy. Within the walls of a crumbling mansion our two protagonists will stumble upon all of mankind and drunkenly spew out a new one. With fox's, a vase and pineapple chunks, this new absurdist play from Caligula's Alibi Theatre Company explores the peculiarity of life in the sillyest of ways.

Written by: 
Directed by: 
Daiquiri Jackpot Flyer

The real Hollywood play...

Jess is losing grip of her life. In a bid to win it back, she sells her belongings and heads to Vegas! With nothing but the roll of a dice and her heart on her sleeve, can she win the Daiquiri Jackpot?

Written by: 

Shabaneh Razvand (Concept)

Devised by the Cast

Directed by: 

Will Cowell (Assistant and Music Director)

Choreographed by Georgia Bliss

Shabaneh Razvand as Jess
Benjamin Coulter as Jeff
Georgia Bliss as Ruthie Diamonté
Will Cowell as Pete Monroe
Russell Chadwick as Mark the Dastardly Ex
Jim Crago as Carl and Frank the Bosses; Gary Sanderson the Homeless Man
Marie Dinculescu as Amber the Croupier
Holly Mallett as Claire
Rianna Dearden as Lucy Golfflag
Rory Campbell as Hotel Manager; Samson Luke the Homeless Man
Agnes Wild as Debbie; Candice the Transexual
Oliver Tunstall as J.B. Priestly the Homeless Man; Adolph Hitler
Cindy-Jane Armbruster as Ilse the Journalist; Karen the Casino Manager

Hawaii Flyer

A thrilling tale of deadly passion and betrayal.

Written by: 
Directed by: 
Poster Just Call Me Kate

Reykjavík, Iceland, 1940. The City has just been occupied by the British army.

Written by: 
Directed by: 
Katie Unsworth-Murray

Rianna Dearden as Kate
Olivia Hirst as Selma
Oliver Tunstall as Davíð
Agnes Wild as Júlía
Benjamin Coulter as Benni
Will Cowell as Rob
Matthew Wingrave as Bill

Poster for League of St George

A coming of age story set in London in 1970's, Adam grows up in a place of little opportunity. To save him from a life of monotony he finds comradeship, excitement and power through the fascist brotherhood of the

'League of St George'.

Drawn into an intolerant and bigoted lifestyle, how do you cope when you realise you are gay? Social and sexual identity collide violently in an equally violent world.

All that's left to ask is… Skin, Head or Heart?

Bricks and Mortar Theatre Company combine theatre and live music in this raucous and simultaneously intimate production. With; sensitive humour, a twisted love story and an oversized St George's flag, we bring you a working class drama.

Written by: 
Directed by: 
Toby William Lee

Flyer Photography by: Lawson Blawz
Music by: Nathalie Wain and Holly Mallett

Oliver Tunstall as Adam
Tom Cray as Mark
Benjamin Coulter as Jimmy
Yasmin Zadeh as Mother
Russell Chadwick as Father
Dominic Garfield as Nilay
Matthew Wingrave as Mr Niven
Megan Rose Thomas as Mrs Niven
Naomi McMorran as Sandra
Georgia Bliss as Lil
Alexandra Wolfe as Hattie
Nathalie Wain as Saleswoman

Poster Lightning Bent

Living in a brothel with no hope of getting out, Cora is losing sleep and the lines between truth and trip are blurred. The only man that can save her is closer than he thinks.

Written by: 
Directed by: 
Finola Woolgar
Flyer One in Six

Dying to get out of their Cornish home-town, six friends take to the woods armed with cider, songs, and a single bullet.

Written by: 
Directed by: 
Poster of Play for September

A balancing act along the knife-edge of loyalty, delusion and bitter truth.

A classroom. Kay, a 15-year-old student, starts a forbidden relationship with a teacher. Elle, her best friend, is pulled in two different directions; the high ground of morals and truth and the exciting world of secrets and power.

To do nothing is to be no one and bravery is just a word.

Written by: 
Directed by: 
Agnes Wild
Poster Sandpits Avenue

Gwilliam’s back to the sandpit, back to the start, back to his girl, like they’ve never been apart. Slam poetry, folk music and physical theatre effortlessly merge, telling the story of one boy's return from war and the secret he hides.

Written by: 
Directed by: 
Dominic Garfield

Music by Nathalie Wain, arranged by Will Cowell.
Additional material devised by Dominic Garfield and Company
Special thanks go to Michael Harris for making our beautiful boxes, Will Berry (poster) and Cai Taylor for recording help.

Adam Colborne as Kit
Nathalie Wain as Hatty
Yasmin Zadeh as Abby
Oliver Tunstall as Gwilliam
Tom Cray as Tim

Poster for Who Killed Lauren Swift

There are missing posters on every street corner. The police are dredging the river. But they aren't looking for Lauren.

A film-noir murder mystery for the modern stage, Who Killed Lauren Swift is an intense physical and visceral journey into the minds of four friends with ever twisting morals.

Written by: 
Directed by: 
Naomi Wright

Choreographer: Dominic Garfield

Holly Mallett as Wren
Rory Campbell as Jamie
Dominic Garfield as Kieran
Shabaneh Razvand as Alex
Olivia Hirst as Chloe
Megan Rose Thomas as Mum
Jonnie Bayfield as Luke
Zachary Hunt (2nd year student) as Charlie