Debut 2017

Corbett Theatre, Loughton
Wed 22 Feb - Sat 25 Feb 2017
£10 / £6 concessions
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New actors in new plays by new writers.
The Debut Festival is a pioneering event dedicated to the staging of selected new plays written and directed as well as performed by graduating students from the renowned BA Acting & Contemporary Theatre course at East 15 Acting School.

Writers mentored by Charlotte Josephine.
Directors mentored by Jesse Briton.
Concept by Uri Roodner

Production Team.

2017 Debut Festival Plays

An unconventional love story.
It's the veins of a heart pumping, arteries exploding, animalistic heartbeats. Follow the journey of Leonie and Bay as they relive their dangerous, boundary-pushing relationship in one night – no emotion spared.

Performed in the Studio.

Written by: 
Directed by: 

Leonie - Phoebe Stapleton
Bay - Jo Ben Ayed

Presented by RedDeer Theatre Company

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A fatal car crash leaves Alice and Jorge stuck between life and death. Here they create the Hexagon. Imagine an infinite library where everything is written. Afraid of saying goodbye they face love, demise and an oversized rucksack.

Written by: 
Directed by: 
Sára Siskova

Alice - Phoebe Stapleton
Jorge - George Lock
Eli - Miles Jovian
Grace - Helen Potter
Alex - Connor Harris

Presented by Flywheel Theatre

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Mark is a chemical engineer. He loves chess. He lives with his mum.
A teaching assistant has had enough of her own conscience.
A caretaker grows tired of childrens' vomit.

Leaf is an experimental, observational comedy combining sketch and storyline that exposes everyday, overlooked societal problems.

Written by: 
Directed by: 
Nadine Froehlich

Chemical Engineer - Connor Harris
Teaching Assistant - Helen Potter
Bus Stop Girl - Gabriella Leon
Caretaker - Josh Foyster
Mum - Carissa Wagner
Children/Ensemble - Charlie Ferguson, George Lock, Ed Theakston

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Of course you’re allowed to grieve, but only until the funeral…
A 21st Birthday party invites more of a surreal surprise for four friends than the late Ben. A story for those who never do things the ‘right’ way.

Written by: 
Directed by: 
Beth Reynolds

Mallory - Gabriella Leon
Felix - Ed Theakston
Oscar - George Lock
Kate - Meriel Hinsching
Dad/Man - Josh Foyster
Pigeon/Ben - Jo Ben Ayed

Presented by TuffLuck Theatre

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Rachel’s suicide seems inevitable. Trapped in the moment where she must decide, Rachel seeks answers from her mothers; Kane, Plath and Woolf. In a state somewhere between a dream and a nightmare, memories collide as Rachel desperately tries to understand what brought her here, what she ought to do next, and who she actually is. Is there hope even in this dark corner of her mind?

A piece that exists at the intersection of spoken word, visual art and physical theatre.

Written by: 
Directed by: 
Ioana Curelea

Rachel - Meriel Hinsching
Kane - Helen Potter
Plath - Steinunn McQueen
Woolf - Phoebe Stapleton
Musicians - Miles Jovian, Carissa Wagner, Connor Harris, Nick Young

Featuring original music composed by the company.
Presented by KILTER theatre.

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Yvette is a 13-year-old girl looking for answers to questions she's not ready to ask. In pursuit of womanhood, she struggles to come to terms with a buried trauma.
A nostalgic coming-of-age story featuring spoken word, comedy and bold imagery.

Written by: 
Directed by: 
Giorgia Joseph