Debut 2018

Corbett Theatre, Loughton
Wed 21 Feb - Sat 24 Feb 2018
£10 / £6 concessions
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Wednesday 21st February, 7.30pm
Testament by Sam Edmunds
The Dip by Eifion Ap Cadno

Thursday 22nd February, 7.30pm
The Half Moon Shania by Cara Baldwin
Acknowledgements by William Patrick Harrison

Friday 23rd February, 7.30pm
Dreamland by Ella Donaldson
Splinter by Molly Byrne

Saturday 24th February
12pm Dreamland by Ella Donaldson and Splinter by Molly Byrne
2.15pm Maria-Ioana by Sidonia Doica
3.30pm Testament by Sam Edmunds and The Dip by Eifion Ap Cadno
6pm A selection of short films by CT3.
7.30pm The Half Moon Shania by Cara Baldwin and Acknowledgements by William Patrick Harrison

Writers mentored by Charlotte Josephine.
Directors mentored by Jesse Briton.
Concept by Uri Roodner.

2018 Debut Festival Plays

A Hyperdrive Theatre production.

The world is a bowl.
The water is sinking
and so is Lawrence.
Lawrence wants to give a voice to those without one, but it seems none are listening.
With three days to live, the writers in The Column are desperate to make their mark on the world.
But do they want to change the world? Or do they want the Acknowledgement that comes with it?

Directed by: 

Lawrence - Pippa Wallis
Mason/Post - Ella Donalson
Kurzmann - Sidonia Doica
Barrows - Lily Sinko
Adam - Hannah Benson
Otterson - Molly May
Marco - Louise Barron

Music by Max Young

A Hyperdrive Theatre production.

"What would happen if we betrayed the city? The mothership, the beast."

Johnny needs a job before his twenty-fifth birthday next week, because being without a job in London before your twenty fifth birthday, before the BIG TWO FIVE, is, quite frankly, catastrophic, political, economical, environmental, historical, social suicide. Right?

In a social climate where working, living, killing for the city is a part of daily life and what is expected of you, what happens when you can’t keep up? Where being a front runner is everything and anything less is not even worth taking part. Well? Dream big, because if you don’t you might just lose your head…

Written by: 
Directed by: 

Anna - Pippa Wallis
Sophie - Cara Baldwin
Mike - Max Young
Johnny - Eifion Ap Cadno
Sally - Ella Donaldson
Ensemble - James Matthews , William Patrick Harrison, Nick Young

Music by Micheal Crean

A Matka Theatre production.

There are many stories which remain untold and it’s about time someone tells them. Ioana is trapped within a world with many barriers imposed by her family and by the society. This world might appear scary and overwhelming, but if you follow her story closely, every bit of it will become the reality that we all are part of in our daily lives.

Written by: 
Directed by: 

Ioana - Sidonia Doica
Sorina/Maria - Catalina Cazacu

Rares/Masked Man - Gabriel Colnic
Daniel/Narrator - Radu Zatreanu
Mother/Foxy - Iulia Isar

Musicians - Max Young, Isaac Murphy

A Hyperdrive Theatre production.

How much are we defined by the people who surround us? And what do we become when those people disappear? Splinter is the story of one young woman’s struggle to figure out what kind of person she wants to be, and the battle she faces in actually becoming it.

Written by: 
Directed by: 

Ellie - Molly Byrne
Joules - Molly May
Shaun - Sebastian Gardner
Fitness Instructor/Jeff - Sylvain Bott

A Chalk Line Theatre production.

In the beginning God created the Heavens and Earth and…Max!
After a car crash, Max becomes the God of his world, left questioning what happened to his girlfriend Tess? Answers take form in apparitions of modernised biblical characters, who aid Max in his discovery or tempt him away. His only hope of recovery lies in the hands of the privatised NHS and a brother whose guilt is driving him away.
His eyes are opening and so should ours.

Written by: 

Max - Nick Young
Tess - Hannah Benson
Doctor - Molly Byrne
Chris - Sam Edmunds
Jesus - James Matthews
Lucifer - Sylvain Bott
Ensemble - Cara Baldwin, Pippa Wallis

A Milk and Blood Theatre production.

“I’ve always told myself I’ll just like whoever I like whether that be a man or woman and now… well it’s a bit confusing now.”

Meet Al. He means well, eats his greens and sometimes smokes them too. As he struggles to express his feelings for his mate Nic, the drugs begin to take hold.

The stage’s answer to stoner films, The Dip is a young man’s technicolour trip of homosexual awakening. Strap on, boys. I mean strap in. Strap in, boys.

Written by: 
Directed by: 

Al - William Patrick Harrison
Nic - Max Young
Officer Flatfish/Villager - Sam Edmunds
Reverend/Officer Baba/Worker - James Matthews
Villager/Worker - Cara Baldwin

Village Band - Michael Crean, Timothy Gabriel, Emily Hindle and Josh Tucker.

A Burnt Lemon Theatre production.

The Half Moon Pub. Where racy quizzes and wild lock-ins make for release. But when barmaid Ketamine Kerry enjoys one too many drinks, two too many takes her night ends face-down-arse-up outside the cosy walls, woken by bin men the next morning. She stumbles in for her shift, pine needles in her hair. In a pub of break up, make up, stealing crisps, landlady being a bitch, will the police get to the answer – who ripped Kerry to bits?

Written by: 
Directed by: 

Kerry - Cara Baldwin
Lola - Hannah Benson
Toby - Finian Blaxhall
Jill - Molly May
Kev - Eifion Ap Cadno
Dylan - Nick Young