Quote from preface to ‘Bound’ by Jesse Briton, Faber & Faber 2012:

A unique new plays festival for actors who perform, write, direct and produce.

The Debut festival is a part of a unique actor-training program at East15 Acting School just outside London - The BA in Acting and Contemporary Theatre or ‘CT’ as its alumni like to call it.

Uri Roodner who leads the course has brought to it inspirations from actor-led companies such as Complicite, Kneehigh and Improbable Theatre. He was aware that while training performers who are highly versatile in work which is often strong on image and concept, weaknesses appeared at times in structuring and in the use of language. The course became revolutionary perhaps when he invited playwright April De Angelis to join and lead a writing component in the training. In this class actors experiment with writing plays and some of these plays are picked to receive full production treatment as part of the annual Debut Festival. The first Debut Festival was staged in 2008 and it soon became the flagship project of the course.

All the Debut Festival plays are staged by first time writers, directors and producers who are acting students on the CT course. Since the project inauguration, a number of these plays went on to professional production and staged in numerous theatres in Britain and abroad.

"It's one of the most accomplished pieces of debut playwriting that I've seen in a long time." Fiona Mountford, London Evening Standard

Full list of Awards and Bursaries won by CT students


(Foxsmith in Bound directed by Jesse Briton.)

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